Eyecandy: Turn your computer into an expensive lava lamp.


Initial Release Date
October 24, 1988 (v1.1)
Color Palette
Max Resolution
License Status
Open Source (to v1.1) / Shareware © H&G Software
MS-DOS, Windows 3.x
Reidar Gresseth and Chris Hook


Explosiv started as a fireworks display but grew to provide 18 screensaver modules, though 2 (i.e. Random and Multipak) simply randomize amongst the other modules. Most of the modules are fairly simple and produce images I wouldn't rank as eyecandy, but a few of the fractal derived images are more interesting and are highlighted with stars (Star) in the module descriptions below.

Early versions of Explosiv, like v1.1, were apparently distributed with source code, unfortunately such is missing in the archives I've found.


The screensaver modules can be individually enabled/disabled, added/removed, or exported to COM files via Explosiv's Librarian mode. New modules (i.e. any MS-DOS executable) can also be added in.

The modules run in various resolutions, seemingly related to their age. Some older modules will use a 350 line mode compatible with EGA cards, while ones added/updated in later revisions use 400 and 480 lines when using VGA.

Explosiv can render modules in three coloring modes:

StarAranea: 640x480

Likely named after a monster from the D&D role-playing game: An aranea is an intelligent, shapechanging spider with sorcerous powers; which is itself named after a genus of orb-weaver spiders. Aranea draws fractal patterns that frequently resemble spider webs. The density of the displayed fractal is be controlled by the "objects" configuration.


Simply blocks the screen. This, if run as a screensaver, will not block the execution of other running programs.

StarChaos: 640x480

Renders solid, curving lines. The number of lines 1-9 is controlled by the "objects" configuration.

Clock: 640x400

Renders a digital clock, that changes position/color every minute.

Discus: 640x480

Renders a trail of bouncing, growing/shrinking ovals, that will sometimes jump to a new position on screen.

Fireworks: 640x350

Draws exploding fireworks. The number of fireworks is controlled by the "objects" configuration.

Flow: 640x480

Spews trails of colored rectangles with edges 4px to 10px wide. The number of trails is controlled by the "objects" configuration, but seems to top out at 4 trails.

Gyro: 640x480

Renders a bouncing, color changing shape. The shape is controlled by the "objects" configuration as follows:

StarIfs: 640x480

Renders iterated function system fractals.

Linus: 640x480

Renders a trail of mirrored, bouncing, color changing lines. The number of trails and mirroring is controlled by the "objects" configuration as follows:

Maze: 640x480

Renders a random-walk pattern with a line that twist at sharp angles.


Rotates at random amongst the available screensaver modules.

StarOrchid: 640x480

Renders hopalong orbit fractals. The density of the displayed fractal may be controlled by the "objects" configuration.


Shows a screensaver module at random.

Richochet: 640x480

Renders a diagonally mirrored, bouncing square.

StarSerinde: 640x480

Likely named after the the Tolkien character Míriel Serindë who was skilled in weaving and needlework. Renders pickover popcorn orbit fractals. The density of the displayed fractal may be controlled by the "objects" configuration.

Stars: 640x480

Renders a starfield of multi-colored diamonds of various sizes, one blinks off and one is added each second.

StarTrees: 640x480

Renders L-System fractal trees. The density of the displayed fractal may be controlled by the "objects" configuration.

Registered Version

The registered version of Explosiv supported two additional modes that could be used to output GIF images, or text.






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