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VGA Stuff

Initial Release Date
June 3, 1994
Color Palette
Max Resolution
License Status
Freeware © Ken Martindale
x86 Assembly
Ken Martindale


VGA Stuff is set of 3 VGA effects by Ken Martindale.

Various VGA programs I wrote in TASM a while back

These are available through The Armory, a web site associated with one of the "Santa Cruz Geek Houses".


Renders a blue, bouncing box with snaking trail. There seems to be a glitch of some sort causing black artifacts when the box is in the lower right corner.

Layer / Shade

Renders a tight Moiré pattern, repeatedly scrolling in new patterns that bounce between becoming denser and less dense. The VGA Stuff package contains two duplicate files that render this effect: layer.com and shade.com.

Strange1 / Strange2

Renders a random walk, shadebob generated pattern continually scrolled to the left. Strange1 cycles through a red palette, eventually becoming a set of red streaks. Strange2 cycles red > yellow > blue > white but only uses part of the palette. It maintains it's shader-bob derived pattern over time rather than becoming streaks, but also moves more and more of the pattern into a portion of the palette that isn't rotated and uses the default VGA palette staying static outside of rotating left. Eventually only two to three colors are rotated.

A shadebob renders a moving brush around the screen modifying the pixels beneath the brush in some way, usually an additive or subtractive effect. Shadebobs brushes frequently bounce around the screen, but in this case it's moved randomly.

One odd thing is that Strange1 was compiled as a COM file, while Strange2 is an EXE.




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